If dirty grease filters a problem for you and your business is outside Dunedin then XFilter is for you.
XFilter is a grease filter cleaning service offered by Oven Cleaning Services to customers outside Dunedin, South Island wide.

How XFilter works: Clean filters are delivered right to your door. You simply exchange the dirty filters in your hood for the clean filters we supply, and send the dirty filters back to us.

If interested, please contact us on:

Dunedin 03 453 4800
Free Phone 0508 504 503
or email us at admin@ovencleaningservices.co.nz
The cleaning process

We use a safe industry standard cleaning process that is not harmful to delicate filter media.

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Our Service to You

Oven Cleaning Services will work with you to assess the type and number of filters that you have, and where needed.

Cost Effective Prices

Our prices for this service are contained in a separate pricing guide. Ask us to help you determine the cost of this service. The cost of using the XFilter cleaning service is conditional on several factors.

  1. Number of filters
  2. Size of filters
  3. Courier charges based on weight
  4. Your location in relation to Oven Cleaning Services in Dunedin or our sister company in Christchurch

In some instances, we cannot courier more than three filters at a time because of the weight limit of the courier company we work with. Therefore if you have more than three filters we would recommend cycling your filters so that over a period of time they all get cleaned.

Conditions of pricing

Our prices are conditional on the courier company’s terms of pricing and delivery.

Prices may change within reason and without notice.

Prices exclude Weekend delivery.

Important Note: Some filters are beyond cleaning or saving, as they are so clogged with grease. If this is your situation, Oven Cleaning Services will tell you, and new filters will need to be obtained.

Standard Rotation Cycles

The customer can select from our standard rotation cycles as listed below:

Standard rotation cycles

  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weekly
  • 6 weekly
  • 8 weekly
  • 10 weekly
  • 12 weekly
  • casual

You may change your rotation cycle by providing adequate notice (i.e. before we send out your clean filters) or the new rotation will take effect after the current rotation.

Rural Delivery

Normal pricing excludes delivery to rural addresses. Delivery can still be achieved with a surcharge per filter. If unsure whether you are in this situation, please ask.

Delivery to rural addresses will affect the delivery time, typically by one day each way.

Returning dirty filters

Once your filters have arrived you have 2 working days to have the courier return to pick up your dirty filters, unless by arrangement.

If you hold onto the courier box and not return your dirty filters, a surcharge will be added of $6.00 + GST per day.

Delivery and return of filters is tracked by Oven Cleaning Services using the courier ticket’s serial number.

Oven Cleaning Services requires the fast turn-around of the courier box so it can be used for other customers. When a customer holds onto the courier box, it costs Oven Cleaning Services in lost revenue and inconvenience.

Terms of Trade

The normal payment policy for the XFilter service is payment in advance. Part payment in advance is also required where any new filters supplied are to be paid off in installments.

Ownership shall not pass to the customer until full and final payment has been made.

Oven Cleaning Services reserves the right to register our interest in the filters through the Private Property Securities Register

Customers requiring credit will receive a copy of our terms of credit and a credit application form and are to fill these out and return (before the service starts).

Payment is by direct credit (preferred) or cheque, to Oven Cleaning Services.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!