Residential Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services provides a range of quality cleaning services to the wider Dunedin residential market for your convenience and satisfaction. We work with hundreds of homeowners, landlords and property managers each year.

We specialise in the cleaning of ovens and stovetops, hob tops, range hoods and filters, dishwashers and BBQ’s. We also provide a Window and Gutter Cleaning service.

Although we don’t usually do on-site residential quotes, we are happy to give you an over-the-phone estimate.

For your protection, Oven Cleaning Services carries full insurance and we guarantee our work. Our technicians can also give advice on aspects of your appliances cleaning and maintenance.

We have specially trained Oven Cleaning Technicians that are honest, experienced and reliable, that can detail or valet clean your Standard Oven Clean, hob top or range hood, including self-cleaning ovens, and extra wide ovens. We can also split the oven door glass if required.

We bring a portable dipping tank on-site to clean all parts of the oven and range hood that can be dip cleaned. The dipping solution will save you money and leave your oven racks sparkling and your range hood filters degreased and ready again for service.

We offer three standards of oven cleaning to provide you with options, these are; Immaculate, Clean and Presentable, and Fixed Budget. If your oven is particularly bad it may become a Rescue Clean.

We offer a Referral Reward when you recommend us to your friends, family or colleagues, and they subsequently book with us.

We do have a vehicle charge on come to your door, depending on where you live.

Call or email us today to make your booking and to find out our labour charges:

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Kinds of Oven Clean
Standard Oven Clean

We clean all makes & models of standard wall, built-in and free standing ovens (as well as the stovetop, control panel and sides, if requested).

A standard oven clean does include; oven racks and rails as found in the oven, the oven door and door glass exterior surfaces only (as opposed to splitting the oven door glass to clean the interior surfaces), and the oven chamber.

It does not include roasting dishes and other foreign objects that do come with the oven, splitting the oven door glass, or pulling the oven out and cleaning behind it (although you can ask for all these services as an extra).

Oven Make Over

The Oven Make Over is the most common service requested by our customers. It involves cleaning the oven from top to bottom; specifically it includes the Control Panel, Stovetop, Oven Chamber, Oven Door inside and out, Oven Racks, Sides of the oven, and Warming Drawer. Excludes splitting the oven door glass and roasting dishes etc.

Baking Chamber Only

This is another frequent request from our customers. The Baking Chamber only clean will include; Oven Chamber, Oven Door inside and out (does not include splitting the oven door glass), Oven Racks (excludes roasting dishes etc).

Oven Surrounds

The Oven Surrounds is a service we provide often to both home owners and landlords. When requested, we will clean the area behind, under and surrounding the oven up to the height of the oven (the area the oven hides).

Our customers appreciate us providing this service as many cannot do it themselves. Allow about 15 minutes for this service.

Standards of Oven Clean
Immaculate Standard of Cleaning

This standard is most frequently asked for by home owners and landlords with high quality rental properties.

The Immaculate Standard is a detailed (or valet) clean of the oven interior. When finished, the oven will be as clean as the age and condition of the oven will allow. The walls and racks will gleam. The Oven Cleaning Technician will use a portable inspection lamp to provide illumination to see that which would not normally be seen with the oven light or natural daylight.

The oven will be rinsed out with fresh hot water as a finishing touch to rinse away any residual chemicals and dirt. You can use the oven immediately the technician leaves.

The immaculate clean usually takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours of our technicians time.

Clean and Presentable Standard of Cleaning

This is not a budget clean, it is a mid-range clean focusing on what people will see. We developed the Clean and Presentable Standard when our landlord customers started regularly asking us to clean their rental ovens so that they would be “clean and presentable”. This will normally take 2-2 1/2 hours of our technicians time.

Another group that uses this standard frequently is customers preparing to sell their homes.

Fixed Budget

The third option we provide is called fixed budget. This is where the customer limits the value of the work to be done based on a dollar value, e.g. No more than $150.00. No standard is applied and the technician will do the best he can with the money available. We do have a minimum call-out of two hours labour plus the relevant vehicle charge.

Rescue Clean

Be aware that we consider any oven that is so dirty that it takes more than three hours to clean a “rescue clean” situation. With a rescue clean we just keep working until the desired standard is met, and the price will reflect this. But it will still be far cheaper than transporting the oven to the dump, hunting for and purchasing a new/2nd hand oven (if you can find one), having it transported and then electrically fitted.

Range Hoods and Filters

Our technician will do either a detailed or quick clean of the range hood depending on what is requested or needed. Because there are many different makes/models of range hood we can only give a general guide for how long this type of clean will take. We would normally advise customers to allow 15 – 20 minutes for modern styles and 20 – 60 minutes for older styles of range hood.

Our technicians carry a wide selection of common range hood bulbs should a bulb need replacing.

We are regularly asked to degrease the range hood filters when we clean the oven. This is something we are proud of as we can restore 90% of range hood filters quickly and effectively in our portable dipping tank. Most filters can be cleaned in about 8 – 12 minutes. Any filters that are so bad they cannot be restored on-site can be taken away to our professional filter cleaning base in Kaikorai Valley for a modest charge and returned.

If the filters need replacing we can either organise this for you or guide you as to where you can purchase a replacement set. New range hood filters are quite expensive.

If you are interested in having your range hood and filters cleaned please feel free to request this service. We have a two hour minimum call out but in some circumstances can waive this if we have work in the same area. A vehicle charge will still apply if this is the only work we are asked to do.

Special Ovens
Self Cleaning Ovens

We are called to clean many self cleaning ovens each month. Some home owners either do not know that their oven is self cleaning, or they no longer have the manuals (previous owners may have taken them when vacating).

Self cleaning ovens do still require to be cleaned as the self cleaning function will only apply to the self cleaning panels and then, only if the self clean cycle is used. The areas behind the self clean panels will still have grease and carbon on the walls behind them.

Our technicians can give customers sound advice on the care and maintenance of their self cleaning oven.

Extra Wide Ovens

We have a special mobile dipping tank, custom built to accommodate the extra wide models of ovens on the market that are 80cm or 90cm. Your extra wide oven racks and rails can fit into this dipping tank, which is gas heated and will clean up your racks while we do hands on cleaning of your oven and hob top. A standard oven is only 58cm wide.

Split Oven Door Glass

Occasionally we are asked to split the oven door glass apart to clean the oven door glass on the inside. Not all our Oven Cleaning Technicians are trained to do this specialist task, so we need to know at the time of the booking that you wish to have this done so we can send a trained technician.

It is also the only part of our work we do not guarantee, we will provide this service on “all care & no responsibility” terms as we are dealing with old and worn door seals that may break when the door is opened for cleaning.

Cleaning the door glass does take extra time and we normally advise customers to allow about 45 minutes to finish the job, sometimes a little less.

If you are interested in this special service, please just ask.

Window and Gutter Cleaning

We can clean your windows inside & out as required. We use high quality, professional window cleaning equipment and have a range of ladders as needed to get the job done.

We also clean residential gutters on buildings of all shapes and sizes. Bear in mind that with higher gutters, we may need to make special arrangements for height safety. We have two technicians that are height safety trained and we have safety equipment and ladders when needed.

Referral Reward System

Many of our domestic customers return year after year and recommend us to other people. We developed a referral reward system as a way of recognizing those customers with a small thank you from us.

A referral credit is earned when, our customers tell their friends, family or colleagues about the great job we do and those people then go on to make a confirmed booking with us.

We will credit the referring customer with a discount each time one of their friends, relatives or colleagues names them as the source of hearing about Oven Cleaning Services.

Whenever we receive a confirmed booking we always ask where the new customer has heard about our service. Often the customer has heard about us from a friend, relative or colleague, (sometimes they cannot remember the person’s name). Where a name of the referrer is known, we credit a discount against their invoice.

Discounts can be used against any of our services – from oven and range hoods to windows and even gutter cleaning. We send letters to those customers with a discount on their record in April/May each year.

Our customers know from experience that they can trust our technicians and cleaners to carry out quality work, every time. We guarantee it.

Payment (Terms of trade)

Payment - we will send you an invoice from the office to be paid within 7 days unless other arrangements have been made.

Landlords have fourteen days from date of invoice.

Payment can be received by cheque or by direct credit into our bank account (please give your name with your direct payment).

Vehicle Charges

We need to apply a vehicle (or van) charge to recover the cost of travelling to each job.

Zone 1

Included in the vehicle charge is up to 15 minutes travel. For areas outside of metropolitan Dunedin a surcharge will be applied. The standard metropolitan travel charge ends at these points; Pine Hill, Challis Point, St Leonards, Fairfield and Halfway Bush.

Zone 2

Outside metropolitan Dunedin e.g. Three Mile Hill to Mosgiel (up to & including East Taieri township), past Ravensbourne up to & including Port Chalmers, from Challis Point up to & including McAndrew Bay, past Green Island but including Waldronville

Zone 3
Past Mosgiel Township (includes North Taieri, Allanton & past Waldronville to Brighton)
Past McAndrew Bay to Portobello
Past Port Chalmers (includes Aramoana, Purakanui & Waitati township)
Further afield

Further afield Past Portobello, past Waitati township, past Allanton, past Brighton

For travel to destinations well outside of Dunedin the travel charge will be calculated on a case by case basis.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!