We provide a wide range of specialist cleaning services, mainly to the Hospitality and Retail food sector

Health and Safety

For your confidence we have an audited Health and Safety system that has passed the stringent test for the University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic, Mercy Hospital, and Larnach Castle (and others) when they have inducted Oven Cleaning Services as their approved contactors for the services we regularly provide.

You too are welcome to request to review our Health and Safety system for your own reassurance that we will take care when working on your premises, and around your staff.

Our permanent staff that carry out this type of work have all completed NZ Safety “Safe Work at Height” training courses. We also have one staff member trained in Confined Spaces should we need to work in a restricted workspace.

Indemnity Insurance

For your peace of mind we carry five million dollars indemnity insurance

Before and after cleaning images of commercial equipment.

Commercial Oven Cleaning and Associated Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services has been cleaning commercial ovens and associated cooking appliances for a number of years and has developed the specialist equipment, knowledge and skills to handle any cleaning tasks required in a commercial kitchen.

As specialists in this area of cleaning, we know how to work around the busy commercial kitchen, around your food and cooking utensils and tight timetables. Occasionally we have had to work through the night to complete the required tasks on time. That’s partly why we have a reputation for getting it done.

We provide our services to many restaurants, cafes, institutional kitchens, service and sports clubs and takeaway outlets in the Dunedin area and its surrounds, on either a regular or casual basis.

Some of the equipment we clean includes salamanders, char grills, chip fryers, stovetops and ovens (gas or electric).

What do we do differently?

Many clients have tried to get their own staff to do this type of cleaning with varying results. So why would you choose to pay someone else a lot of money to do the same thing?

Your kitchen hand and chefs are not motivated or equipped to work in the way our staff are. Our staff are proud of their skill and will give it their all while working for you.

Why choose us?

We have the expertise to strip your equipment to enable proper cleaning.

We use a specialised selection of products and tools to do the job properly without damaging surfaces. We are also used to working in this type of environment.

Our experience means that the job will be done as quickly as possible.

We will do the work at a time that suits you to get it done, including urgent work.

We can transform and restore your valuable equipment back to the way it should be, making it ready for the health inspector’s visit.

Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services has a wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning kitchen extraction systems and we are the experts who set the standard in the Dunedin, Otago and Southland areas. Removing the grease that makes a fire hazard will keep your insurance company, local health inspector and landlord happy. Cleaning your extraction system regularly is good housekeeping too.

Our reference for standards is the UK HVAC standard – TR19, as well as the Australian standard AS 1886. NZ has no specific standards for kitchen exhaust at the time of writing, so the Australian standard would be considered a NZ “best practice” guide.

There is no set price for cleaning an extraction system as each site has a unique set up, so each job must be quoted. If you are interested in obtaining a written quote for extraction system cleaning, contact us on:

Dunedin 03 453 4800
Free Phone 0508 504 503
or email us at admin@ovencleaningservices.co.nz

We provide a Maintenance Cleaning Certificate for your file once we have been paid. With this certificate you can prove when you last cleaned your ducting and who cleaned it. Keep the certificate in your building WOF file.

The long term benefits
The long term benefits of using our expert service are:


You won’t need to worry about this area of your business – we will ensure the work is done to regulation and on time. This will save you time and worry.


We guarantee you will be completely happy with the professional standard of our work or we will fix any legitimate issues that are concerning you.

Insurance Cover

For your peace of mind we carry $5 Million insurance cover.

Cowboy Free

All our work is carried out to professional standards and your inspection is welcome. Unlike some of our competitors, no cowboys are on our staff.

Food Control Plan

Another benefit for those of you on a Food Control Plan is that you can tick off this area of your business as you now have a cleaning plan in place.

Fire Insurance

Staying compliant means your fire insurance cover will remain valid, the local environmental health officers can be shown your certificate when they enquire, and your landlord will be happy too.


As part of the job, where possible, we will take digital before and after photos for you to check our work. These are available for you on request.

Lastly, we offer free advice on areas concerning your extraction system, particularly regarding cleaning and maintenance. Got a query? Ask Oven Cleaning Services – your expert.

The Dunedin City Council Environmental Health services asked Oven Cleaning Services to develop a users guide to cleaning extraction systems. As a result, Oven Cleaning Services now offers free to our customers, our Extraction System Cleaning Guide to anyone who needs it. This is a 10 page, easy to understand guide with pictures, to the parts of your extraction system and how often they should be cleaned. Feel free to call us if you would like a copy of this guide

Should you have any comments, concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Extraction Hood (or canopy) Interior

The interior of your hood needs to be cleaned at least once yearly to remove the grease build-up which is fuel to feed a fire. The interior of the hood is defined as that area hidden behind your filters.

Some interiors are easier than others to clean, some are quite high, and others have been neglected for years (like the one in the photo below) and require a significant number of hours to restore back to bare metal.

Before cleaning and after cleaning images of an extraction hood interior
Kitchen Extraction Ducting

Your extraction (exhaust) ducting needs to be cleaned regularly, just like if you have a chimney at home. How often it needs cleaning depends on; your menu, your volume of cooking, your local council or insurance assessor.

Our normal recommendation is that your ducting is cleaned about every 1 – 3 years, depending on the above factors. If you are a main street high volume establishment cooking lots of greasy food then you need it cleaned yearly, but if you are a retirement home - every second or third year.

A grease laden ducting system is a fire hazard, end of story.

Before cleaning and after cleaning images of kitchen extraction ducting
Fan and Motor Unit

An important part of maintenance cleaning of your extraction system is cleaning the fan and motor unit. Grease build up on your fan blades will stress the motor and can cause a thermal burnout. Thermal burnout can lead to a fire in your ducting, which is the worst place to have a fire.

Get your fan blades cleaned regularly, even if you don’t get the ducting cleaned, about every 2 – 4 years depending on your grease loading. It will be cheaper to do this than to replace a burnout motor unit.

Often, the repairman will require the area around the fan/motor to be cleaned before they will start work.

We see it all, and have selected a sample for you to compare against your own.

Before cleaning and after cleaning images of fan and motor units
Clogged and Broken Bird Guards

Over time, the anti bird guards can become very clogged with grease. When the guard is clogged up, your extraction system cannot remove the grease laden air out of your kitchen.

Before cleaning and after cleaning images of a clogged bird guard
We removed this broken bird guard as part of the duct cleaning project, re-built it & refitted it.
Weather Cowlings

The weather cowling is the part of your extraction system designed to stop the weather elements coming into your ducting and to help the extracted air to be released into the

atmosphere in a controlled manner.

It is extremely common for extracted grease to contaminate the cowling and its surrounds over time, as seen in the picture below left.

Oven Cleaning Services staff regularly clean up these sorts of messes for our clients.

Before cleaning and after cleaning images of a weather cowling
Grease Buckets

Grease buckets are installed at low points in extraction systems to drain away pooled liquid grease. The buckets are inspected regularly & removed when necessary either by the client or by Oven Cleaning Services. The grease buckets are weather proof so no rain water can get in to fill up the buckets. This is another example of how we can solve problems relating to your extraction system. If you are interested in having a grease bucket installed, or to discuss this concept - simply contact us.

A simple grease bucket system
Extraction System Inspections and Cleaning Management

Oven Cleaning Services can inspect your extraction system on request, to inform the owner if it is requiring cleaning. This may be at the instruction of the local health inspector, your insurance assessor, or at your discretion.

We will inspect critical points along the system, take digital photographs for filing, and complete an Extraction System Inspection Report. This report will state whether, in our opinion, the system is Overdue/Due/Not Due for cleaning. This report can then be filed in your building register as proof of inspection.


Oven Cleaning Services recommends a full extraction system clean when required, however, if this is unaffordable, then another option is the full clean followed by a half clean regime.

If appropriate, we recommend a cleaning cycle like this; Full system clean followed next time by a half system clean but must include the fan/motor unit. This is more cost effective and still removes the grease at the start of the ducting system where a fire might start.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!